Pharmaceutical Stocktakes

We provide manual stocktakes which we break down by category. This gives you a better idea of the value of each area of stock. It is not possible to always have your stocktake at year-end so we adjust the figures in line with the date required. We also take into consideration stock on prescriptions, items for collections, controlled drugs, and nursing home prescriptions. Once we have collated the figures, we are able to provide you with your certificate of Valuation which can be shared with your accountants and HMRC. We are based near London in the South-East and operate nationwide. We have built up a large, loyal client base who we revisit annually. Our discreet employees have been part of the team for many years and are experts in the industry, each maintaining appropriate conduct and protocols. With over 50 years of industry knowledge, we offer manual stocktakes categorised by product to give you a breakdown of stock and its value. This data can be adjusted to any date required to be consistent with your year-end. We then provide you with a Certificate of Valuation.

Industrial & Warehouse Stocktakes

We can execute full stock counts in a warehouse if you have no technical recording of data. We can also perform sample computer stock totals to ensure accuracy whether your stocktake has been undertake manually or digitally.


We carry out auditing services for the Industrial and Logistics sectors in particular, to guarantee credibility to your existing figures and data. The information provided post-audit, can assist in recognising issues with systems and confirm that your business is compliant.